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YBTN North London Hub leaders:  Paige Griffin and Shani Glover

Since attending the YBTN event at the House of Commons, it left us feeling motivated and inspired as we saw the scope for teaming up with the YBTN CEO to empower and provide a space for black teachers to network locally in North London. Seeing so many black people in all areas of education at the House of Commons, including head teachers, enabled us to see ourselves in them, this left us feeling motivated to strive and further ourselves in our career, this is what we hope to create for black teachers in North London.

The YBTN North London Hub is a space which allows black educators to connect, support each other and grow. Black educators will have the opportunity to network within their areas of interest; share expertise; have open discussions without any judgement and to empower others to reach their full potential.

It is powerful and essential to give black teachers a platform in which they can express concerns, challenges and share success stories without feeling suppressed or uncomfortable. We want to break the mould and expectations of seeing black educators in higher positions, we have to support one another to reverse this stigma.

We host events and socials to bring together the black educational community in North London.
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